PRIMARY Projects

Our C.O.O. Rachel is currently going onto her third year of sitting on the board and being the Director of Backstage Production

For those who aren’t aware of how Color the Runway came about here is our family story. Our grandparents who were the loves of each others lives for nearly 41 years both battled cancer; one of which battled Liver cancer while the other battled Esophageal. Never leaving each other’s side, they stuck by one another through their entire fight against these horrible diseases. Sadly, after a long road of battling in March of 2013, our grandfather lost his battle with liver cancer and just one year later in March of 2014, we lost our beloved grandmother to her battle as well. This was a major loss for our small family and impacted us greatly. During this time, our family endured this tough road with our loved ones and even after our loss, Roswell and Hospice of Buffalo were extremely helpful. As a family, we decided to hold this event annually as a way to give back to those who may be going through what we did.  We do this in honor of our lost loved ones so that their legacy is able to be long lived.


MODAL Productions LLC is the brain child of Suzanne Fatta. Primary helped her build her business from the ground up. Beginning with a full business plan, moving onto marketing & social media materials, and finally website concept, design & content. Click the photo to see more of their website and info about their business.


One of Primary's very first events, a model networking event bringing together the best models and photographers in the area to benefit Caryl's Club. We had an epic dance party, cocktails, and mini photo shoots all day with one of the best backdrops in Buffalo. To see more photos click here.

Our C.O.O. Rachel Good and owner/designer of Franci Jewelry, Nicole Davis began For the Love of Fashion, a networking event aimed to bring together the fashion community of Buffalo.

We are fully committed to growing the fashion industry of Western NY and beyond. For The Love of Fashion aims to instruct, highlight, connect, and inspire those who love fashion... from industry professionals to aspiring talent.

Click their picture to visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @FortheLoveofFashionBuffalo


Primary works with several models around the WNY & Toronto Area. Most recently we worked with the Spencer's, a husband and wife team who recently moved out to L.A.. Before they left we were able to help them with their comp cards, and acting head shots so they could arrive confident and prepared for their next steps.