A brand is only as solid as it's representation and image.

We know exactly what it takes to provide the positive exposure and image your brand is looking for. Whether it be building a new brand or helping give that pre-existing image an extra boost, we will be by your side to develop a positive brand portrait.

Let Primary's creative team design a clear image that will allow you to directly access your target demographic and be recognized for the positive work reputation you deserve.

We understand how crucial it is to create a strong, meaningful and lasting relationship with your demographic and are positive we can do just that... regardless of the industry. 


Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Website Design, Launch and/or Maintenance.  

-Demographic Research 

-Global Expansion 

-Rebranding Opportunities

-Personal, Business, Brand Development and Consultation

-Media Design 

-Marketing; Both Online and Offline 

-Sales Training


Confidence is key!

Whether it be landing a job at an upcoming interview or having that extra swag to approach that beautiful smile your crushing on at the end of the bar, our team will help you develop, build and sustain your confidence in any situation.

It's not as easy as it looks when it comes to presenting yourself, your business, or your family at an event, work function or even out for dinner. Our team has experience in not only the current fashion trends but a solid understanding of user and consumer trends. We can evaluate your image and style, or coach you to be seen exactly the way you deserve. 

So you can't match an outfit to save your life...

You can't get the words out to seal your latest crush...

From style to self esteem, we are your confidence coaches!

Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Personal Styling 

-Social Media Evaluation 

-Life Coaching Opportunities 

-Dating Advice 

-Business, Brand or Personal Establishment, Design and/or Consultation 

-Social Consultation 

-Makeover Opportunities 

-Networking Consultation 

-A Friend To Talk To! 


Starting your business?  Have an Idea for one?

Our team has been through the start, launch, and sale of multiple companies, brands and overall business ventures.

We know exactly how important it is to create a solid outline and list of goals in order to succeed in any industry. With our greatest confidence we are the perfect step to your helping build your future in business.

Primary Fashion Music Management offers everything from legal, tax and finance advice to rebranding, marketing and sale of your hard work.  Our business professionals are EXACTLY what you need in understanding and succeeding in business. 

Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Website Design, Launch and/or Maintenance. 

-Brand Establishment, Design and Implementation

-Personal, Brand Or Business Consultation and Development 

-Event Organization, Hosting and Launch 

-Campaign Consultation. 

-Marketing; Both Online and Offline 

-Sales Training or Team Building Opportunities 

-Business, Tax, Legal, Financial Advice or Consultation 

-Business Organization 

-Social Media