Successful sales and lasting relationships with your customers requires a clear image and understanding of your brand.

It is our job at Primary to work along side you and your team to develop that brand and create lasting and crucial relationships.

Trust us to evaluate, design, establish and implement a fluid marketing plan that delivers your store or brand image directly to your target demographic and audience. 

Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Full Brand Evaluation 

-Complete Branding, Re-Branding, or Establishment 

-Legal, Finance, Tax advise/Consultation 

-Demographic Research

-Both online and offline marketing evaluation, design, implementation. 

-Social Media consultation, marketing or maintenance. 

- Sales Training, team building, personal, social consultation. 

-Website Design, Launch and/or Maintenance.  


Whether one product or a whole clothing line, we understand the hard work you and your team has done to bring that idea and those styles to life.

Allow us to come in and bring the product to the people! We offer numerous consulting services, from legal advice to business development.  

From the rulebook to the runway, we are positive that we can deliver your work as it should be illustrated!

Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Business Development

-Brand Establishment, Marketing and Launch 

-Fashion Show Coordination 

-Personal, Business or Brand Consultation

-Photo Shoot Opportunities 

-Marketing; Both Online and Offline 

-Website Design, Launch and/or Maintenance. 


You can talk the talk...

But can you walk the walk?

Regardless of your industry experience, our team knows exactly what it takes to get from portfolio to runway. Let us be your starting line, either helping you build a portfolio or acting as your industry liaison. Book a photo shoot with one of our experienced photographers or send us your own shots. We will build an industry specific, clear, and diverse portfolio that delivers the best looking you. There is much more to life (and modeling) than just being ridiculously good looking! 

From comp cards to campaign... face it; you need our expertise.

Some of our services you may be interested in:

-Portfolio Building, Printing, and/or Consultation

-Industry Education 

-Industry/ Business Consultation

-Photo Shoot Opportunities. 

-Agency Development 

-Online Marketing 

-Social Media Maintenance 

-Website Design, Launch and/or Maintenance.